Strayed Sequins

Strayed Sequins


In Jean Genet’s vision of the universe, the lowest and the highest meet, and to descend into the limbo of horror and abjection is to ascend into the region of saints and angels.

“He who falls far enough and fast enough – even if he starts from an aeroplane and finishes up crashing through the glass roof of a prison – still carries remnants of stars caught up in his clothing, like stray sequins on the tights of a falling trapeze artist.” Jean Genet

Music: Charlie Barber

Choreography: Caroline Lamb

Musicians (1978): Caroline Lynch-Blosse (oboe), Huw James (trumpet), John Mills (trombone), Kelvin Leslie (piano), Mark Thomas (violin), Peter Cobb (percussion)

Musicians (1980): Simon Grattin (oboe), Wayne Davies (trumpet), Jeff Pearce (trombone), Mark Thomas (violin), Kelvin Leslie (piano), Jeffery Wilson (percussion)

Performer: Caroline Lamb, Iain Ferguson (on 2 September 1978)

Lighting designer: Paul Jones

Costume design: Suzy Peters

Recorded musician: Gavin Hibbs (organ)

Sound technician: Ian Holden

Stage Manager: Jeremy King

Produced by the New Arts Consort


14.06.78CARDIFFSherman Theatre, Arena
30.08.78CARDIFFChapter Arts Centre
02.09.78BUILTH WELLSWyeside Arts Centre
11.04.80CARDIFFChapter Arts Centre
12.04.80CARDIFFChapter Arts Centre
16.04.80HARLECHHarlech Arts Centre
17.04.80BUILTH WELLSWyeside Arts Centre


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