Sex and Death at Covent Garden

Sex and Death at Covent Garden

Sex and Death at Covent Garden is an installation event for chamber orchestra. Taking as its starting point a few musical fragments from Gluck’s opera Orfeo, the work explores eighteenth century stylistic and structural ideas. The musicians are constantly re-distributed, splitting into mobile groups to create a wide range of spatial effects.
Section 1:      Intrada; Allegro I; Recitative + Aria; Allegro II; Cadenza
Section 2:      Quartetto; Adagio; Ritornello; Passacaglia
Section 3:      Allegro III; Cadenza

Music + direction: Charlie Barber

Musicians: Ruth Watson (oboe), Bethan Thomas (oboe), Matthew Bailey (sax), Merlin Shepherd (sax), Katherine Gifford (trumpet), Gwyn Daniels (trombone), John Abendstern (timpani), Charlie Buchanan (viola), Steven Callow (cello), Alexandra Robinson (cello), Michael Bell (double bass)

Lox Coxhil: soprano saxophone

Performance texts: David Hughes

Video production: Mike Stubbs

Technician: Trisha Webb

Construction: Paul Kennedy

Administrative co-ordinator: Peter Reynolds

Commissioned by Chapter Arts Centre with funds provided by the Welsh Arts Council

Produced by the New Arts Consort



02.05.86CARDIFFNational Museum of Wales
17.05.86NOTTINGHAMMidland Group

With the financial support of: Arts Council of Wales, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation


Performance Magazine, Issue 42, July/August 1986 p 36-37



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