Rebels with a Cause

Rebels With A Cause

“If music was a purely aesthetic experience, I don’t think it would occupy the central place it does. It must make waves in the environment and have repercussions beyond the concert hall.” Cornelius Cardew

Simon Thorne‘s new work is a tribute to Thomas Mapfumo whose ‘chimurenga music’, meaning ‘the music of the struggle’ quickly established itself as the distinctive and authentic sound of Zimbabwe.

One of the best known and loved Latin-American musicians of the new generation, Victor Jara‘s work was a chronicle in song of the moods and struggles of the years of the Popular Unity government in Chile.

“When we did Sister Ray we turned up to 10 flat out, leakage all over the place. They asked us what are we going to do. We said we’re going to start. They said, ‘Who’s playing the bass?’ We said there is no bass. They asked us when it ends? We didn’t know. When it ends, that’s when it ends.” Lou Reed

Music direction: Charlie Barber

Musicians: Mark Morren (clarinet, saxophones), Mike Starr (clarinet, saxophones), Martin Evans (trumpet), Gwyn Daniels (trombone), David Appleton (piano), Andy Cookson (percussion), Jonathan Helm (percussion), Alison Francis (violin), Tim Davies (violin), Michael Rafferty (viola), Sharon McKinley (cello), Robin Hames (double bass, bass guitar)

Set design: Angela Evans

Lighting design: Pryderi Baskerville

Slide Photography: Dave Heke

Company manager: Alex Lemmon

Co-ordinator: Jane Morgan

Press officer: Stephan Stockton


08.10.93CARDIFFFestival, Welsh College of Music & Drama

With the financial support of: Cardiff Festival, Welsh College of Music & Drama and the Musicians’ Union




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