Radio Amore

Radio Amore

– a live mix of British and Italian music

Inspired by live mixes and late-night radio broadcasting, and evocative of the sizzle and crackle that accompanied new musical discoveries on a bakelite tuning dial, Radio Amore is designed as a musical journey – a voyage of wonder, vitality and emotion.

Direction, design + lighting: Charlie Barber

Performers: Michele Batani (oboe), Mavron Quartet, Ashley John Long (double bass)

Radio soundscape: Lyndon Jones

Technical support: James Unwin, Michael Woods

Photography: Toby Taw Weale

Rehearsal photos: Matthew Thistlewood

Marketing: Natasha Wilson

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05.10.18SWANSEAInternational Festival
06.10.18CARDIFFSt Teilo’s and St Andrew’s Church
11.10.18ABERGAVENNYThe Chapel
12.10.18KNIGHTONThe Bleddfa Centre
13.10.18HOLYHEADUcheldre Centre
14.10.18LIVERPOOLCapstone Theatre
15.11.19CARDIFFInsole Court, Llandaff

With the financial support of: Hinrichsen Foundation, Gwendoline and Margaret Davies Charity, The Leche Trust, RVW Trust, Ty Cerdd


Wales Arts Review (Cath Barton)




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