Radio Amore – Tech Spec

Radio Amore – Technical Specifications

Layout of musicians


  • Minimum floor / stage area required: 6m x 6m (20ft x 20ft)
  • The duration of the performance is 60 minutes without interval
  • One technician will tour with the company to liaise with the in-house technical staff


  • The performance features six musicians: oboe, string quartet and double bass
  • The musicians will be standing, except for the cellist and double bass player
  • Sound Affairs will provide music stands for the musicians


4 x music stands – preferably RAT stands (no stand lights required)

Dressing Rooms

Access to secure dressing rooms would be preferred

Get-in and Get-out

Load in time: 14:00 on the day of performance. Exact get in times to be confirmed before the day of performance


Parking for one Transit sized van will be required