LUDWIG – Tech Spec

LUDWIG – Technical Specifications


The performance is in the round – strings facing and surrounding the pianist

  • Minimum floor / stage area required: 6m x 6m (20ft x 20ft)
  • The duration of the performance is 60 minutes without interval
  • One technician will tour with the company to liaise with the in-house technical staff

Specific requirements

Grand piano – tuned to concert pitch

4 x music stands – preferably RAT stands (no stand lights required)

In the performance area:

Long table – for instrument cases

Coat rail – or coat stand


4 x Manfrotto wind up stands (reach about 3 metres up)

4 x 1.5/2 m aluminum scaffolding

4 x spigots with half coupler for scaffolding

1 x access ladder to reach stand once at height (a frame or combination)

8 x 650W Fresnel lights (2 for each stand)

8 x barn doors

DMX dimmer control – dimming for Fresnel lights

and appropriate 15A cable to connect lights to dimmer

DMX controlled uplighters – suitable amount to cover wall space

and appropriate cabling to power each of these lights over the distance of the hall

and appropriate cabling to connect them all in a DMX chain and link to the dimmer

1 x DMX splitter – to ease the the running of the DMX loop around the hall to all the fixtures

Dressing Rooms

Access to secure dressing rooms would be preferred

Get-in and Get-out

Load in time: 14:00 on the day of performance. Exact get in times to be confirmed before the day of performance