Concert of Theatre and Music

Concert of Theatre and Music

Music: Charlie Barber

Video + film production: Mike Stubbs, Caroline Limmer

Musicians: Juliet Abbott (oboe), Janet Reed (cello), Clive Malabar (percussion), Andrew Poppy (piano), Ivor Hodgson (elecrtic bass/double bass)

Performer: Nigel Gilvier

Technical co-ordinator: Bonza Laveque

Photography: Ian Lawrence

Produced by the New Arts Consort


03.03.83CARDIFFChapter Arts Centre
06.03.83BOSTONBlackfriars Theatre
07.03.83BIRMINGHAMThe Triangle, Gosta Green
08.03.83BIRMINGHAMThe Triangle, Gosta Green
09.03.83LEEDSTrinity and All Saints College
10.03.83WAKEFIELDBretton Hall College
13.03.83STOCKTONDovecote Arts Centre
14.03.83ILKLEYCollege, Wells House
15.03.83CHESTERFIELDCollege of Arts and Design
16.03.83NOTTINGHAMMidland Group
17.03.83LEICESTERPhoenix Arts Centre
18.03.83SWINDONThamesdown Studio
19.03.83LONDONAlmeida Theatre

With the financial support of: Yorkshire Arts Association, Greater London Arts Association, East Midlands Arts Association, Lincolnshire and Humberside Arts Association, Parke-Davis Ltd and Derby Arts Association


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