Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

Boulevard of Broken Dreams explores how people meet in unpredictable ways, as well as the tension created between characters in public spaces and how bonds are created and dissolved in the space of a day.

Music + direction: Charlie Barber

Choreography: Jean Abreu

Performers: Mavron Quartet, Jean Abreu, Ming Hei Wong, Christopher Rook, Robbie Synge

Lighting design: Nick Phibbs

Set design: Alan Macdonald

Costumes: Lise Marker

Recording engineer: James Clarke, Ty Cerdd studio

Technical support: Chris Wicks, Lloyd Phillips

Photography: Toby Farrow

Arts management consultant: Judi Hughes

Administration: Helen Beveridge

Marketing & PR: Matt Carwardine-Palmer



13.02.09GRANTHAMGuildhall Arts Centre
14.02.09SPALDINGSouth Holland Centre
16.02.09CAMBRIDGEThe Junction
18.02.09ABERYSTWYTHArts Centre
19.02.09MILFORD HAVENTorch Theatre
24.02.09ORMSKIRKRose Theatre
25.02.09CARDIFFSherman Cymru
27.02.09LONDONThe Place
28.02.09LONDONThe Place
04.03.09SALISBURYArts Centre
07.03.09BATHUniversity, ICIA
08.03.09GUILDFORDInternational Music Festival
10.03.09ALSAGERArts Centre
11.03.09MOLDClwyd Theatr Cymru
12.03.09MANCHESTERDancehouse Theatre

With the financial support of: Arts Council of Wales, Arts Council England, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation, Colwinston Charitable Trust, The Leche Trust, Marina Kleinwort Charitable Trust, Steel Charitable Trust, Swindon Dance, Taliesin Swansea


“The secret of the work’s success, aside from the evident invention of Abreu’s choreography, is the employment of live musicians and the commissioning of a new score from Charlie Barber. There are echoes of Beethoven’s slow movements in parts of his music, which inspire moments of heartening choreographic lyricism, as well as pockets of pelting rhythmic drive that charge the dance up with electric verve. The dancers themselves are tremendous, each attuned to Abreu’s distinctive choreographic manner, and the work itself is a gem.” Ian Palmer, magazine, April 2009



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