Blood of a Poet

Blood of a Poet

One of the true classics of the cinema and a key work of Surrealism, Jean Cocteau‘s first film Blood of a Poet (1930) is an aesthetic tour de force consisting of a series of episodes and imaginary events.

Exploring the technical capabilities of film to magically transcend time, the strange and disturbing images and trick photography represent Cocteau’s unique view of “the poet’s inner self”. Cocteau’s combination of visual poetry and theatrical camp makes this a rich, fascinating and enigmatic film. Charlie Barber‘s new score is performed live by four musicians.

Music + direction: Charlie Barber

Musicians: Nick Williams (oboe), Aibhe Smythe (violin), Alison Lambert (bass clarinet), Hugh Wilkinson (percussion)

Technical support: David Abra, Earl Barton, Matt Davison

Recording engineer: James Clarke, Ty Cerdd studio

Administration: Helen Bowler

Marketing: Stephan Stockton

For the film: Jean Cocteau (Director); Georges Périnal (Cinematography); Jean d’Eaubonne (Production Design); Coco Chanel (Costume)

Film cast: Enrique Rivero (Poet); Elizabeth Lee Miller (Statue); Jean Desbordes (Louis XV Friend); Féral Benga (Black Angel)


Chapter 3 – Scars of the Poet
Chapter 4 – The Statue and the Mirror
Chapter 5 – Hotel of Dramatic Follies
Chapter 6 – The Mysetries of China
Chapter 13 – Black Angel
Chapter 15 – Epilogue


29.10.06CARDIFFChapter Arts Centre
01.11.06CRANBROOKQueens Hall
03.11.96AMMANFORDMiners Theatre
04.11.06LEICESTERPhoenix Arts
05.11.06NORWICHArts Centre
07.11.06LLANTWIT MAJORSt Donats Arts Centre
09.11.06ABERYSTWYTHNational Library of Wales
10.11.06HOLYHEADUcheldre Centre
15.11.06PORTSMOUTHNew Theatre Royal
16.11.06SWANSEADylan Thomas Centre
17.11.06MOLDClwyd Theatr Cymru
19.11.06BASINGSTOKECentral Studio
02.12.06LONDONBarbican Cinema

With the financial support of: Arts Council of Wales, Esmée Fairbairn Foundation




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