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Track listing: 

Catalogue No:  SA1008

Label:  Sound Affairs

Release date:  10.10.09


Nick Baron, James Hulme, Alun Hathaway, Dave Danford (percussion)


Rhiannon Llewellyn, Gareth Treseder, Kelvin Thomas, Sianed Jones (voices)



Charlie Barber -

executive producer

James Clarke -

producer & engineer


"Inspired by traditional Arabic percussion ensembles, Barber uses a vast range of instruments, including the metal-frames Egyptian sistrum and the African Djembe drum...complex rhythmic pulses combine with Psalm settings, sung in Hebrew and Latin, to create an evocative soundscape."                                          The Guardian, November 2009


"Welsh composer Charlie Barber's incredible new score for the 1923 film version of Wilde's Salome continually hammers home the decadence and violence of its theme. The music is often relentless, its interludes of calm steamy and prescient."    South Wales Argus, Nov 2009

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