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In a 60-minute integrated audio-visual celebration, Afrodisiac filters African and South American traditional music through a contemporary perspective and explores the worlds of ritual and magic.

Afrodisiac explores ritual, love and magic in African and South American cultures through an exhilarating mix of music and visual art.

Featuring an ensemble of 7 classical musicians and vocalist performing alongside traditional African instruments, Afrodisiac offers a unique musical cocktail with startling imagery.

For collaborators in this unique audio-visual performance, composer Charlie Barber has brought together two highly respected musicians on traditional African instruments: Seckou Keita, an inspired and charismatic performer of the kora (the West African harp-lute) and Chartwell Dutiro, an ethnomusicologist and performer of the mbira, the Zimbabwean 'thumb piano', whilst the visual element of the production will be provided by Cuban artist Raul Speek.