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Sound Affairs produces recordings, tours, performances and concerts of new music, dance and digital art.  


For more than twenty years, Sound Affairs has been staging strikingly innovative concerts and events featuring new music juxtoposed with cinema, theatre, dance and video. Its work has been recognised with a BBC Wales Arts Awards which seek "to encourage and reward progressive, bold and enterprising work".

The aims of Sound Affairs are:


* to make live music accessible to a wide audience, with particular emphasis on new works 


* to develop collaborative venures between arts practitioners from different media 


* to encourage young people in their appreciation of the arts as expressive media


* to ensure that equality of opportunity shall be pursued regardless of colour, creed, disability, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation 

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Sound Affairs is a registered charity (No 1074890) and

a company limited by guarantee, registered in Wales (No 2956354)

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